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Dean Statement

        It`s known that Cairo university played an important role thus we should make this celebration a chance for imagination quiet, revision of Archaeological education which achieve our future ambitions to cope with the developments of modern technology we are looking forward to achieving our ambitions in the outputs of  the faculty represented in the human resources with their renewable knowledge and effective specializations so the faculty began  through the sector of student`s affairs to do its best to develop itself to cope with its goals. Prof. M. H Al-Haddad
        It gives me pleasure to inform our student that the degree of the faculty will be a bachelor of archaeology and now we have 12 programs, six in Arabic as well as six in English for the first time time in the history of the faculty through the four departments "Egyptology-Islamic-Conservation-Greco Roman". We will deal with the student through three axes: gaining knowledge , production of knowledge and investment of knowledge, thus we began to plan for this through various systems and paths and different academic programs.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hamza Ismail

Faculty Dean

        From this point the faculty applied the system of credit hours upon the following standards and regulators:-

  • Scientific content of study plans for each specialization and for each subject.
  • Reconciliation between the contents and the nature and the goals of the study.
  • The effectiveness of the materials in the deepen of the student`s abilities to achieve creation.
  • The contribution of scientific materials in the flexibility and variety which give student choice opportunities.
  • Scientific materials should gather between originality and contemporaneity through Content cope with the latest development, Achieve the development requirements in the society, The variety of experiences should cope with labor market of Archaeology, conservation and tourism, and Scientific materials should be renewable according to human ,cultural, needs.
        At last it gives me pleasure to present my special greeting to my old students who contributed a lot in different activities. In  addition  I`d like to welcome my new students who joined the faculty of Archaeology One of the oldest and deep-rooted faculties in Cairo University, the mother of Arab universities.  

At the end I hope for all of you good luck, success and superiority


Peace be upon you and Allah mercy and blessings

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hamza Ismail