Faculty of Archaeology

The Faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University

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  • Conservation Center of Archaeology.

            The Conservation Center for Archaeological and Historical Buildings and Mueseum Artifacts (CCAHBMA) established in 1996 as special unit follows the faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University.

    To enter the CCAHBMA official website click here.

  • The Egyptian and Islamic Mueseums.

            The faculty of Archaeology has two big museums for the ancient archaeology and Islamic Archaeology with more 2500 masterpieces follows several ages.

    To enter the Museums official website click here

  • Sixth AHARC Conference 2018.

        The Sixth International Conference of Archaeology and Heritage in Authenticity, Risks and Challenges that will hold at the faculty of Archaeology during the period of 2-4 December 2018.

    To enter the AHARC official website click here

  • Excavations of the Faculty of Archaeology.

            The Faculty of Archaeology excavates for archaeology in diffrent places in Egypt such as Anabia, Saqqara, Tuna Elgabl, Arab Elhesn, The pyramids area and many other areas.

    To enter the Saqqara excavations website click here.