Archaeological Information Systems Program

Archaeological Information Systems is an undergraduate program affiliated to faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University. The program aims to merge between computing and archeological studies in order to prepare a graduate student who is able to apply recent technologies in Archaeology. This program is unique at Cairo University since there are no similar programs in all Egyptian and Arab universities.

The idea of the program was developed based on real need in the Egyptian market after having conducted a survey with stakeholders in the Egyptian market who approved that there is dire need for this study in the different archaeological fields.


The program of AIS exists worldwide under different terminologies such as Computational Archaeology, Digital archaeology, Archaeological Informatics and Archaeoinformatics.

The graduate of AIS program will be able to:

  • Develop Databases in all Archaeological systems such as Museums, scientific excavations, ...
  • Apply Photogrammetry and 3D scanning technologies in the archeological fields.
  • Use the Multi-spectral imaging in different archaeological contexts.
  • Implement the Geographic Information Systems to analyze the archaeological sites.
  • Develop advanced dynamic websites and their connection with databases for the archaeological sites and museums.
  • Use the modelling and simulation to analyze the archaeological sites.
  • Draw the plans using the computer edit design software such as AutoCad.

The program accepts students under one of the following conditions:

  1. The student is accepted at faculty of Archaeology after General Secondary School (thanawia Amma) or its equivalent.
  2. The student is not accepted at faculty of Archaeology but he/she could be accepted at any faculty of Archaeology in Egypt - click here for more details.
  3. The international students - click here for more details.