The Sixth International Conference:
"Archaeology and Heritage: Authenticity, Risks and Challenges"
2-4 December 2018

      Archaeology and heritage are the national treasure of people. Heritage is the past, and it is also the present and the future. Generations are illuminated by the light of their honorable past to see their present, and to make their future, and as the old saying goes: "There is no good in a nation that does not know its past." It is necessary to emphasize the need to research history, archaeology and civilization of the former nations, and to consolidate the importance of research in the minds of our youth and students. There are still many and many facts to be reached and unveiled; in the field of archaeological studies, conservation and Heritage.
       The Arab world in particular, and the world in general is rich with an unlimited number of unique archaeological sites, and museums, which include collections of antiquities and heritage diverse in their material and subject matter, providing researchers with a fertile ground for scientific research in the fields of archaeological studies. This uniqueness and diversity in archaeological sites and museum collections encourages researchers and specialists to deepen their studies and find the facts in various fields: history, archeology, civilization, architecture, art, conservation, and maintenance, etc.
      It is worth noting that monuments and heritage are constantly exposed to damage and destruction; either in an open environment that makes them vulnerable to environmental change at all times, or as a result of neglect and mismanagement of those dealing with the heritage, sometimes as a result of neglect or delay of conservation. Other times, this happens due to extremist ideas, which are alien to our thoughts, harming our heritage and societies. It is time for our scholars to come forward to complete their previous studies and to open the gates of science that are still closed so as to achieve more scientific studies that serve our heritage and culture, as well as show our entity and place among the world.
      In this regard, we must emphasize the need to take advantage of modern technologies and employ them in our research and studies, and keep up to date with new scientific developments, especially in the fields of documentation, restoration, maintenance, preservation of monuments and heritage, activating sustainable development programs and achieving social and economic benefit from heritage. This is to protect it for future generations. Hence, the importance of this sixth international conference under the title: "Archaeology and Heritage: Authenticity, Risks and Challenges" to provide an opportunity for researchers to analyze and discuss scientific matters and offer new ideas and effective solutions covering various aspects of archaeological studies and restoration and maintenance studies.

Scientific visits include:
- Some museums and archaeological sites in Cairo and Giza.