Archaeological Guidance Program

The Archaeological Guidance Program is a new program developed in the Faculty of Archeology - Cairo University, which qualifies for work in the field of tourism guidance and in various fields of tourism and provides the student with the necessary skills and information that qualify him to work as a tourist guide. The program aims to prepare a guide who combines the archaeological culture with the skills of tourism guidance.

An able tourist guide is one of the components of the success of tourism in any country, as he is an ambassador for his country within his homeland, and is the interface that can play a role in which no one participates in introducing the country to what it possesses of the elements of success in tourism and culture, and there is no doubt that the success of the tourism industry requires a qualified guide And with a good amount of knowledge, culture and accurate knowledge of what he provides of a cognitive and cultural meal to the tourist, whether from the inside or outside.

The decisions of the Archaeological Advising Program were carefully developed, as professors from different disciplines in archeology participated in the development of the courses:

Professors from the Faculty of Archeology
_ Professors specialized in tourism science and tourism marketing

Where the student studies archeology subjects and courses (Egyptian / Greek and Roman / Islamic archeology and restoration), in addition to courses in tourism guidance, tourism and marketing science, in addition to some rare subjects taught, such as the science of pyramids.
The student also studies some foreign languages ​​and this is one of the biggest advantages of the department where the third-level student chooses a foreign language from 6 available languages, which are (French - German - Italian - Spanish - Russian - Chinese)
Where the student chooses one of these languages ​​in addition to the English that he studies from the first level in order to qualify him to work directly with different tourists of different nationalities.
(And, upon the request of the program's board of directors and the approval of the college council, another foreign language may be added to the previous list, according to the needs of the labor market and the possibilities available in the college).

The student will study 53 courses that represent 139 credit hours, noting that all the courses are taught in English.

The program accepts students under one of the following conditions:

  1. The student is accepted at faculty of Archaeology after General Secondary School (thanawia Amma) or its equivalent.
  2. The student is not accepted at faculty of Archaeology but he/she could be accepted at any faculty of Archaeology in Egypt - click here for more details.
  3. The international students - click here for more details.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ragab
Dean of Faculty of Archaeology
AG board president
Asso. Prof. Dr. Tarik Tawfik
Program Coordinator
Mr. Wahid Gad
AG Program Responsible